• Our passion is to support, individuals, teams and organizations

    to get in contact with themselves and their situations at a deeper level hence to enable them to achieve their full potential and live up to their greatest purpose.

The Wave

Our manual and practical exercises on how to use co-creation to tackle key challenges in organisations and in society at large.

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Our Products

Our field of expertise is Change Management and especially the Human Side of Change. This means we are experts in how to prepare, design, set up, communicate, implement, execute and evaluate processes that affect people in social systems in an appropriate and effective manner. Our Services include Consulting – Facilitation – Coaching in the area of Change Management.

Level of change and intervention.

Changes can happen and/or impact, within an organization, on different  levels: Organizational – Team – Individual Level. There can be one or several levels affected by a Change. (Changes at a higher level always affect the levels below. Changes at a lower level can but do not have to affect higher levels.) It is important to understand the levels a change impacts, as they are the base for appropriate measures and interventions.

Our Methods

In this section you find a number of models and theories on which our work as Consultants, Facilitators and Coaches is built on. This can give you a good understanding of how we work and the values upon which we act.