Over the past years we have the opportunity to successfully merge our interest for business, for people and for deeper meaning to a holistic consulting approach in our consulting projects.

The belief that propels us at Bridging Positions is that more and more people in organizations share our idea to aim and search for deeper meaning that go beyond profit and growth.

At Bridging Positions we share the passion to support individuals, groups/ teams and organizations that are in their quests to succeed in their fields meanwhile bringing a meaningful spectrum.

By establishing Bridging Positions we are bringing our intention to the next level. We cultivate the idea of creating a network of like-minded catalyst and consultant partners with whom to live and offer the holistic approaches to our clients.

Our Consultants:


Julian Geuder


Vittoria Piattelli


Nicola Knoch

Patrick Kinzler

Dirk Hulverscheidt

Ron „Kunga“ Lacoste Ph.D.

Our associate Partners


Boris Zanella

Darrel Combs

Mike Cook