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Brought to you by bridgingpositions and Community Access

When: February 8-9, 2020

Where: 242 East 2nd Street, NYC 10009

Cost/Donation: $600

Registration Deadline: January 25, 2020

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

What is The Self-Leadership Backbone?

Leading one’s self is the central prerequisite for leading others. It is knowing one’s self, developing a personal focus, and honing in on one’s innate potential which is the basis for effective and successful leadership.


Leadership all starts with you and you alone. Therefore, this workshop begins by exploring the leadership skills and potential within you as an individual.


Everyone has the potential to be a leader and to make a difference in life. The question, as Warren Bennis stated, is not “Are you a leader?”, but rather “What kind of leader do you want to become?” In this program, you’ll work on giving yourself direction – taking ownership and responsibility for your life, and exploring the skills and talents you can bring to the world.


It is the central element of every skeleton from which every major movement of the body originates. A strong and developed backbone is the foundation for making a strong impact. And, this workshop helps you define the elements (vertebrae) of a strong leadership backbone by building clarity on values, purpose and a clear vision.

What you’ll learn in this program

In order to grow as a leader, you need to invest in learning about yourself. This program guides you step-by-step through a process focused on helping you to:

  • Develop leadership and emphatic communication skills, by taking the time to understand your purpose and vision for the world.
  • Strengthen self-confidence by learning core skills in communication, empathy, and proactive listening.
  • Discover and learn how to control the obstacles and challenges, which can present roadblocks towards realizing the impact you want to make in life.
  • Develop capacity in decision-making, defining your core values that will guide you in your authentic actions.
  • Grow as an agile leader by defining the elements of your unique talents and learn about where and how to express them in your business, team and beyond.
  • Build role-modeling competencies, which can lead to successfully managing businesses, teams, and projects.

bridgingpositions believes in the importance of social responsibility. We are proud to host this first-ever workshop in NYC as a charitable fundraiser benefiting Community Access.
As a first pilot program, the registration is $600 per person instead of $2.000. A limited number of discounted and pro bono spaces are also available for students, educators, and nonprofit workers. Please contact us at [email protected]

Community Access is a leading nonprofit dedicated to housing, health, and human rights. We believe that people are
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