Teams & Leadership

At the interpersonal level, we focus on teams and leadership issues, both between individuals and within and between teams. This is about improving their relationships, communication, collaboration, interaction and performance. It is what we call the meso level.
We look into two main areas:

Leadership Development

We train managers, leaders and executive teams in leadership skills, so that they can best deal best with current and future leadership challenges.
The programmes are designed to explore the following questions:
How can I bring out the best leader in myself? How can I become the best leader:

  • for myself and while staying true to myself,
  • for the people I am leading and
  • for the organization I am part of and contributing to?

Team Interventions

Our Team Interventions are designed to overcome team dysfunctions and to remove performance barriers in teams. Helping teams work on themselves is at the centre of our Team Interventions.

  • How do we bring out the best team we can?
  • How do we bring our team’s potential to fruition?

The Wave

Our co-creation expertise and experience, condensed into one book.

Co-creation as we see it is a journey undertaken by people, usually from different fields and back­grounds, who come together to find meaningful and sustainable answers to complex challenges and to work out together how to effectively implement them.
This manual and the set of cards that goes with it are for people who want to engage mindfully in the process of co-creation.

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