is Change Management and especially the Human side of Business.


Workshop and Facilitation Topics

Here you will find a selection of Workshops and Facilitation Topics that we typically deal with. Read more:

PMI (Post Merger Integration)

After the acquisition of a business or a company, the Acquired Entity needs to be integrated into the business, the structures of the Buying Company. This so called Post Merger Integration decides to a large extent if an acquisition becomes a success or not. Read more:

Carve Out

Is the disembodiment or selling of parts or businesses of a company. It has a severe and deep impact and therefore is one of the biggest challenges for an organization, its groups & teams and the individuals. Read more:

Organizational Backbone

The Organizational Backbone Process (adapted from nowhere Group Ltd.) allows an organization to focus its energy. Working on the elements of the Organizational Backbone (Vision-Strategy-Values-Purpose-History) builds alignment, orientation, focus and concentration throughout the entire organization. Read more:

Team Building and Development

Team Building is an intervention designed to improve team performance and to bring out the best of a team.  Team Building means getting everyone on the same page. This involves building alignment, increasing awareness for team issues and developing a shared understanding. Read more:

Leadership Development

Modern organizations deal with an increasingly complex environment.  This complexity can no longer be managed in the traditional ways. Therefore analytical, causal decision-making, leading top-down, order and control are increasingly substituted by a systemic, intuitive and subsidiary leadership approach. Read more:

Hard Restructuring

A Hard Restructuring Process is a profound and usually agonizing Change Process in an Organization. Frequently severe and rigorous measures and actions need to be decided and executed to secure the organization’s future. Read more:

Generating Buy-In for Change

Without sufficiently Buy-In from the affected organization a Business Change Intents is likely to fall short and not reach the desired outcome. Gaining “Buy-In” from Stakeholders for Change Intents is critical to success. Read more:

Intercultural Management

At bridging positions we possess a broad spectrum of  intercultural expertise based on our consultants’ personal experiences and backgrounds. Wherever appropriate and necessary we implicitly or explicitly incorporate this expertise into our interventions and projects. Read more:[/one_half]



In the field of innovation we support organizations to harvest their full innovation potential. Our services cover two core areas:

1. Designing, developing and facilitating Innovation Workshops or Campuses.

It is our expertise to  provide these stimulating settings which allow people to open up and share their ideas, challenges and know-how. This is the starting point for creativity and innovation.

2. Bringing an organization and its culture in line with its best innovation potential.

Helping an organization to attune its culture to innovation means to; initiate, form, set off and preserve a mindset of innovation in side of it. To obtain the intended shift in culture a change process needs to be set up correspondingly.

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In the field of sustainability we focus on the global challenges (such as Climate change, raw material/water shortness/demographic development) and their impact on organizations, markets and society. Together with the organization we develop a common picture about the relevance of these issues for the future of the own business. Are they risks or opportunities for the future business? What suitable measures and actions can be derived for the organization? Besides we raise awareness within the organization on sustainability issues. This is the basis for understanding the contribution of a company’s products and processes have on sustainable development.

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Managing own and other Egos

“Managing own and other Ego(s)” (MOAOE) is a Self-Managing-Leadership-Practice that is based on the applied SEB’s Model.

The cornerstone of the MOAOE Program is the in-depth understanding of ‘Who we really are’, what our “Highest Possible Purpose” is. Based on this, a personal development path leading to its realization is sketched out. The entire program is founded on building up the ability to manage our Ego and Super-Ego states, to step in our Space-in-Between and to operate from there.

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