Living your Intentions

To get “Buy-In” from Stakeholders for Change Intents the crucial Currency is Trust.
Without Trust there is no “Buy-In” from the Stakeholders for a Change Intent. Implementation will always run into open or hidden resistance.

How does trust develop?

  1. When people sense your (true) intention
  2. When you live up to this intention

What does it meant by INTENTION?

INTENTIONS are the reasons and the motivation that drive a change. They can be personal, group or organizational. They can be open or hidden. To be clear about our INTENTION allows us to act and behave in a fitting and genuine way. Both are very important to building TRUST.

Trust is needed to lead people through Changes!

Generating “Buy In” Pro Actively

To generate the necessary “Buy-In” for implementing a Change Intent we work with a 4 Step “Buy-In”-Process?

The Management Team analyses the current “As Is” situation and derives from there the “Draft Intention” for the “As Should” situation. This Draft Intention is shared with the organization that gives Feedback to it.
From the Draft and the Feedback results the “Shared Corporate Intent”.
The Management Team develops and designs a Proposal of Adequate Measures and Actions to bring the Shared Corporate Intent to life. The Proposal is shared and processed in the organization.
From the Proposal and the Feedback a Corporate Action and Measure Plan is derived.

Due to the organizations buy-in to the Shared Corporate-Intent and the Corporate Action and Measure Plan the implementation and execution of both should face minimum resistance..