Work on Mission – Vision – Strategy

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When to apply the Organizational Backbone Process?

  • When a propelling VISION for the company, the business unit and the team needs to be developed. When a STRATEGY has to be worked out or upgraded.
  • When momentum is scattered in the cooperation of colleagues, teams, departments or businesses, simply put, whenever they do not pull the same side of the rope.
  • When there is no deeper understanding of what the organization and its parts are aiming for
  • In difficult business circumstances where the alignment, orientation, focus and concentration on the essential is success critical.

The Organizational Backbone Process (adapted from nowhere Group Ltd.) is highly effective.

A coherent Organizational Backbone gives all actions a common goal, all employees a clear orientation and far more importantly identity and propulsion.

What is the Organizational Backbone and it’s Elements?



Where do we want to go?



How do we get there?

Purpose & Values

Who are we?
Why do we exist?


What do we stand for?


Where do we come from?

source nowhere Group Ltd.

The Organizational Backbone Process allows an organization to focus its energies.

It builds alignment, orientation, focus and concentration throughout the entire organization, amongst individuals, teams and organizational units.

Alignment, orientation, focus and concentration of efforts: Vector Algebra

The non-aligned efforts of individuals, teams, organizational units etc. often eliminate each other and create small joint results or effects.

The Organizational Backbone creates:

The alignment, orientation, focus and concentration of efforts fostered by the Organizational Backbone allows the unleashing of the full potential and the creation of highest joint results or effects.

How is the Organizational Backbone implemented?

1. On boarding of the relevant decision makers / Management Team:

On boarding is the indispensable pre-condition to ensure the political will for the Intent in the relevant Executive Management Team!

  • Why should we make this effort?
  • Creating a strong attractive future outlook.
  • Dialogue on the Organizational Backbone. (Questions we still have. Benefits of this approach? …)
  • Dialogue on the frame / context that needs to be considered. (How does this restrain us? How does this set us free? …)


2. History and Brand

  • Where do we come from? What do we stand for?

Interviews inside the organization (Nature Reserve Process)
Interviews outside the organization (clients, suppliers, partners…)
Collecting the qualities of the organization.

3. Purpose and Values

  • Who are we? Why do we exist?
  • What is our purpose beyond making money?

It is not finding or inventing a purpose, it is uncovering, unfolding the purpose. What are the necessary values to bring our purpose to life? On which values do we need to focus to live our purpose?

4. Pathway (Strategy)

  • How do we get there?

Bring Purpose and Values to life. Where are we with each element and where do we need to be? What allows us to bridge the gap? Work out key actions and measures to get us to the Ambition

5. Ambition (Vision)

  • Where do we want to go?

Departing from the strong attractive future developed in the on boarding session. Defining the organization’s best possible future (3-6 years from now), a propelling future..