The Self Leadership Backbone is our personal backbone, the fundament of our life.
This 3 day workshop is a time out of profound contemplation and self-revelation on what is of true importance and deep value in our life.


What is a Self Leadership Backbone?

The backbone is the central element of a skeleton. It is the central point from which every mayor movement of the body originates. Without an intact backbone almost any movement of the body is either painful or not working at all. Taking this metaphor of the backbone to the personal life circumstances, the so-called Self Leadership backbone is the fundament; your life is built on.

Similar to our physical backbone which is built from different vertebras, our Self Leadership backbone consists of different elements.

The basic elements forming our Self Leadership backbone are:

  1. History (Where do we come from?-Timeline)
  2. Facts (What are our strengths and weaknesses?).
  3. Brand (What do we stand for?)
  4. Purpose (Why are we here? What is it we and only we can bring to this world?)
  5. Values (What are our constituent values? What values do we need to live in order to bring our purpose to life?)
  6. Ambition (Where do we want to go? What is it we want to bring to life?)
  7. Barriers (How do we hinder ourselves to fully live our purpose, values and ambition?)
  8. Pathway (How do we bring the next chapter of our life forth?)

Trying to uncover our personal backbone, we need to suspend our thinking mind and create a space, a fertile soil, a cradle in which our tacit, unconscious knowing can emerge. We need to have the confidence in our self that without thinking something of importance for us will crystallize. Therefore the Self Leadership backbone process depends and trains our mindfulness.

Who should attend a Self Leadership Backbone Program?

Anybody who wishes to develop personal focus, direction and clarity in life in order to live his or her full potential. People taking or wanting to take responsibility for themselves and or other persons especially benefit from the Self Leadership Backbone Process.

What is the Self Leadership Backbone Program?

Is a 2½ day time out of profound contemplation and self-revelation on what is of true importance and deep value to you in your life.

The Self Leadership Backbone Processlives from the individual going on a deep discovery journey into him or herself. To uncover, discover what is of true meaning to you is like finding an old friend who was always there but somehow you could not name / were not aware about him or her.

For this journey a mindset of being open, curious and courageous about what you will encounter is needed. Usually the difficult or scary part does not so much lie in (re-) discovering your purpose. It lies in finding out and accepting that you probably did not live up to it and of course lies in how to live your purpose and the consequences to it in our daily life from here.

Accomplishing this insight and clarity about yourself you become able to align and direct your life in line with what is truly important for you, the starting point for a meaningful and fulfilled life.

In times of uncertainty and general feeling of shakiness, it is quite essential to be able to hold on to our backbone.

What is the Self Leadership Backbone Process about, what are the benefits?

  • It’s about creating momentum to climb, master the hills, cliffs and mountains of challenges that life holds ready for us. Going through the process allows building up the necessary momentum for your purpose, values, ambition to become self-sustaining in the next chapter your life.
  • Developing a moral inner compass allowing us to make the right choices despite the daily ego struggles and difficulties we encounter.
  • Authentic leadership. Being authentic, living our authentic self also in the midst of external influences that try to change and influence us.
  • Getting to know ourselves better on a deeper level. The Self Leadership backbone process guides us in: -finding out where we come from; -developing an understanding about our strengths and weaknesses; -drafting a picture why we are here, what it is that we want to bring to the world and -realizing what we want to do with the remaining rest of our life. We build direction and focus in our lifes that permits us to perceive and see opportunities that allow us to advance in the direction we want to go. This helps us to make decisions, on a day to day base, as well as on large scope; as we now are able to mirror opportunities or choices to our purpose, values and ambition and therefore see which of our potential choices will bring us closest in the direction of our authentic self.
  • It is a little bit like cleaning a tube or pipe that has sediments on its walls hindering the unobstructed flow through it. Only it is our tube of life that we are cleaning. It is an opportunity to detect and get rid of a lot of things that we have accumulated that are blocking us from fully living our life.

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