The Model consists of three different Layers of Consciousness. Each represent a different approach how a situation, an interaction can be addressed. Depending on the approach we choose to look at a situation we focus on different aspects. By changing the level of consciousness we get new insights and come to different solutions.

Facts and Figures-Layer

The Classical Logic — Nature Science

  • This is the layer based on which business [as we are used to in the western world] is supposed to take place. What is from “the pure business perspective” the right to do? We look at tangibles like money, return on investment, production -sites, -process, in- decrease of something, input, output, markets, productivity, etc.
  • It is the logical layer where we believe in calculations, formulas and clear results that tell us what to do. We act like computers / machines would act.
  • We analyze problems with balance – and spread- sheets. We look at probabilities and percentages.
  • We think in “IF- WHEN” – relations from which we deduct tactics and strategies.

Facts and figures are the surface layer of the iceberg; it is the snow that covers the iceberg. It decks all deeper layers.


The Psycho-Logic — Human Science

On this level we deal with the human Ego or Super Ego.

  • How people feel: better/inferior than, afraid / scared of, put down, hurt, to be right/wrong, (mis)understood, liked/disliked, rejected, (un)satisfied etc.
  • The human needs for: recognition, acknowledgement, having/getting enough, comparing oneself: with others, with earlier – / later times, etc.
  • We need to deal with inter- and intrapersonal topics like relations, [how easy is cooperation depending on:] sympathy, antipathy, communication, motivation, etc.
  • With human perceptions, interpretations, reflections, categorizations, processing’s, story creations. [“Thought is not said, said is not heard, heard is not understood, understood is not agreed…”]
  • We deal with irrational (re)actions, things that on a rational level are not related are interrelated [how a boss treats another person impacts how you feel treated].
  • Belief systems play a role, what is felt as fair/just – unfair/unjust, management of expectations play a vital role, time to process and adapt to changes
  • Letting go of the past, of habits, status, learned, of concepts etc.

The psychological layer starts directly under the snow and goes a bit below the water-(consciousness)-line of the iceberg.

Being, Self, Truth -Layer

Beyond-Logic — believing, knowing, spirituality

  • At this layer we go Beyond (Psycho-) & Logic. What counts is (universal) truth, belief, deeper knowing what is (ethically) right to do, the deeper knowing from intuition and/or experiences. We cannot explain our knowing anymore, we are beyond reasoning.
  • Grasping / knowing (intuitively) our Purpose: Why do we exist? What is it we and only we can bring to life? What is our highest possible self (Self) [O. Scharmer] and living up to it. Going beyond oneself, aiming for the universal truth operate from the Space in Between / the Being not from Ego or Super Ego.
  • What matters is Trust: in what I belief; in what I can imagine / not imagine. TRUST into our own existence, into our self (=self confidence), into our intuition.
  • We need to first learn to trust our intuition; otherwise we will always follow or be deviated by another persons (psycho)-logic.
  • Intuition cannot be explained! [ The Question “Why?” Eliminates intuition!] To CONVINCE someone to go with our intuition or to force it against his/her distrust is very difficult, unless we are in a powerful position. Operating with people, trusting in our and the others intuition becomes highly relevant.
  • True intuition emerges from the Space in Between or the Being, sometimes an Ego- or Super Ego-NEED is camouflaged as an intuition. Conscious people recognize from where they operate and can differentiate. To know a person has this awareness makes it easier to trust in his/her intuition.

The Beyond-Logic layer is totally below the water-(consciousness)-line of the ice-berg nevertheless it is its biggest part.

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