Coaching means for us to work with an individual or a team on the resolution of a performance barrier.

Examples might include getting comfortable in a new position; to work on personal development fields; to resolve a disturbance or a conflict among persons; to enhance self management.

Our clients come with the intention to transform an inappropriate behavior, attitude, reaction.etc. Every coaching contract begins with a joint definition of the desired coaching goals or outcome.

We believe that our Clients are (and have to be) always in control.

It is the client’s full responsibility what is acceptable or not; what feels good or not and what is applied or not. Whatever comes from the coach side is an offer and it is the client’s responsibility to chose and decide what is right for him or not.

How we coach

At “bridging positions” we don’t follow a traditional detached systemic coaching approach. What do we mean by this? We want to create a profound professional relationship with our clients. We first dive into our client’s issues in order to understand their subjective perspective before we start counseling. Only by “Walking in the shoes of our clients”, the necessary trust and understanding grows, based on which we can later jointly develop applicable solutions.

In our Coaching we focus our efforts on fostering the client’s access to his reservoir of inner resources and on widening, opening and creating new perspectives for him. This opens up new courses of action and resources allowing the client to find solutions for his issue(s).

The Layers of Consciousness Model™ shows that coaching can unfold on different levels. (The Logical, the Psycho-Logical and the Beyond-Logical level) As coaches we adapt the perspectives we offer or the inputs we give depending on the level where the clients issue and its solution are located.

It is when people are operating from their Ego or Super-Ego state (see SEB’s-Model™) that they don’t have any or full access to their resources or that they are not able to change their perspective. For this reason a key enabler for successful coaching is to support our clients to get out of their Ego or Super-Ego into their Space-in-Between. It is here where new energy can flow, where they are not motivated by fear anymore and they can leave the stuck state behind. Operating from the Space-in-Between, new behaviors and new solutions can arise; it is the most fertile soil for successful change.

Our bridging positions Coaching is based on a number of Models and Tools which include: