How do we consult?

Our philosophy is to get in deep resonance with our clients, taking on their matters and challenges as ours. It is our objective to consult from our Space-in-Between by searching together for a sustainable and appropriate solution that works with the client system. It is from here that we have best access to the profound intuition that derives from experience with social systems.

Based on our understanding, respect and appreciation for our client(s) we guide them gradually from a single-facet perspective to a broader integrated multi-facet perspective. Naturally dealing with the human side of change we have almost as many perspectives as persons involved. Our field of expertise is to first create awareness and then find ways to cope and deal with this multiple complexity.

Our consulting is based on a number of specifically designed Models and Methods:

We understand these models and methods as building blocks to create the path towards the solution. Depending on the clients matter and situation we select appropriate models, methods and interventions to build a solution pathway.

In our understanding a consultant in this field has 3 Key tasks:

1. Create and hold the field, the space for the group so people can get fully engaged.

This means to create an arena in which people feel safe and protected to operate from their Space-in-Between. The consultant models the way for the group in regard to trust, respect, openness, being interested, and letting go of limiting beliefs. That allows the individual to fully bring him/herself into the process. The consultant also takes care of the communication, the interaction and disturbing actions of the group.

It is our conviction that the success of an intervention depends on the inner state of the intervener. The Space-in-Between described in the SEB’s-Model is the ideal inner state to act from as a consultant. Here we operate with attention and affection for people and their topics.

2. Consult on the Process……

The second key task of a change consultant is to design and facilitate a process which allows the clients to work on their topic(s) and get to their conclusions, solutions. The clients generally have an idea of what to change or where to go. It is the expertise of the change consultant to know how to accomplish this change and to get a consensus, participation, acceptance, cooperation of the employees. Dealing with the human side of change, the key challenge is to work with what is present at any moment, to not to be afraid of resistance and disturbances and see them as valuable input to adapt the process and give them the necessary attention.

3. Consult on the Content, Topic

To state it clearly, we are not Content Consultants but Process Consultants. This means we can give little advice on what is the right business direction. We counsel on how to implement plan of action or give recommendations when it most likely will not succeed from a Change Management perspective.

Our expertise lies in Change Management and People Processes..