Facilitation for us means to support groups in workshops, trainings and other interventions to achieve the desired results. Every Intervention or Workshop is embedded in, or a consequence of a Business Intent, which therefore defines the desired outcome. We design, develop, implement and facilitate workshop(s) formats leading to the results.

What do we focus on when we facilitate workshops?

  • Prior to an intervention we have an interview meeting with the client and, if necessary or helpful, with other relevant persons. This will not only allow us to gain the necessary understanding about the situation, but also to get the relevant persons buy in for the intended intervention.
  • We clarify one or more concrete goals the client or the group wants to achieve.
  • We pick up participants where they stand in their (work) life and search together sustainable solutions for their challenges.
  • For us, what has relevance and meaning is defined by the client or the group. As facilitators we will offer different aspects and perspectives to allow the group to leave their known paths and take other perspectives into consideration.
  • We work on building a shared understanding in the target group about its context and the dynamics that derive from it.
  • With the methods and formats we apply, we create a highly interactive setup in which both participants and facilitator play a vital role in the outcome.
  • It is one of our core responsibilities to design and facilitate an intervention process that allows achieving deep and powerful results and at the same time makes it fun to work together.
  • We are working both with the group and on the group.
    with: means together with them on their challenges
    on: means we also look at the interaction inside the group and work on improving that, the inner team cooperation.

Workshop and Facilitation Topics

Here you find a selection of Workshops and Facilitation Topics we typically deal with.

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